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Salam Alaikum (peace be to you)

Sorry for my absence here lately, apart from morning sickness and my children having a week or 2 of illness nothing major has really happened for me to stop posting, i seem to go through the phase where i give my all to something or leave it completely instead i need to focus on balance and doing a little of something good each day is better than nothing good at all, right?

From the title you may have guessed my sweet tooth in this pregnancy so far as switched to being quite savoury mashaAllah (Has God willed) i still enjoy a nice slice of cake, scoop of ice cream, bite of a crunchie every now and then but my favourite food right now has to be baked beans with HP sauce on toast OR Keema biryani with coleslaw(eww you may think but not to me at this moment in time)

I hope to be back soon with a recipe post inshaAllah(God willing)

Until then, Salam Alaikum


  1. InshAllah you get better sis I know it HAS to be hard feeling that way and taking care of two little ones mashAllah.

  2. Inshallah you'll be feeling better soon sister! I love coleslaw, that was one of my cravings during my first pregnancy!

  3. Keema Biriyani with coleslaw is so yummy! x

  4. Hope your pregnancy is going well. I love the 'Keep Calm' pic - never seen that one before!

  5. You are in my prayers. I hope everything goes well till the end :) In the meantime, it's good to see you back!

  6. Assalamu Alaykum Asma, I hope you are doing fine
    :-) Insha'Allah. <3


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