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Swiss / Jelly Roll

Swiss / Jelly Roll

As-Salamu Alaikum, 

If you didn't see this pic already (instagram) or you did, here it is again this time with the addition of a rather big, not so watered down, watermark?! 

This was my first time baking a swiss / jelly roll alhamdulillah I got a soft, sugary sponge and by using apricot jam instead of a classic red berry gave it a slightly different look, yeh not so much but apricot Jam is a favourite amongst my little Algerian Brits. 

The pic was took (phone camera) the the first slice, let me tell you the spiral shape got even better further along the roll but no time for snapping when you literally have to hide it before a toddler takes it into her own hands to get another piece.

If you want to have a go at making your very own (way better than the shop bought) head on over to  This Baker Girl Blogs: Swiss Roll From The Pink Whisk Guide To Cake Making  I promise if you follow those steps in her recipe you can't go wrong, inshaAllah.

P.s. I used self raising flour because I was out of plain and it still turned out well but next time I will make sure to have some plain flour in stock because there is enough air in the whipped eggs and sugar it doesn't need an additional raising agent.

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