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Top Tip Tuesday - Volume vs. Weight

Asalam Alaikum / Hi everyone,

For best baking results, it is always better to weigh ingredients rather than go by volume of cups etc because each time you measure the same ingredient by volume, there will be a difference in weight by a few grams.
It's not such a problem on a home baking scale as there is a bigger margin of error however, if you are batch baking at home then i do suggest you weigh your ingredients as those few grams of error will be even more grams! affecting the quality and consistancy of your bake.
This post comes at just the right time, as my second lot of scales in a year have just broken! Time to invest in a decent set me thinks.



At 23 May 2012 at 16:45 , Blogger Melissa said...

Yes, this is so true. I have a kitchen scale but it was lost for years...when I found it a couple weeks ago, I was going to use it and found that one of the batteries leaked :( I'm hoping it will still work. I liked weighing the ingredients rather than measuring by volume.


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