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Quran: Sura 6, Ayat no. 151

My 'favourite' Ayat/verse of the Quran this week

قل تعالوا أتل ما حرم ربكم عليكم ۖ ألا تشركوا به شيئا ۖ وبالوالدين إحسانا ۖ ولا تقتلوا أولادكم من إملاق ۖ نحن نرزقكم وإياهم ۖ ولا تقربوا الفواحش ما ظهر منها وما بطن ۖ ولا تقتلوا النفس التي حرم الله إلا بالحق ۚ ذلكم وصاكم به لعلكم تعقلون

Qul taAAalaw atlu ma harrama rabbukum AAalaykum alla tushrikoo bihi shayan wabialwalidayni ihsanan wala taqtuloo awladakum min imlaqin nahnu narzuqukum waiyyahum wala taqraboo alfawahisha ma thahara minha wama batana wala taqtuloo alnnafsa allatee harrama Allahu illa bialhaqqi thalikum wassakum bihi laAAallakum taAAqiloona

Translation of the meaning:
Say (O Muhammad SAW): "Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited you from: Join not anything in worship with Him; be good and dutiful to your parents; kill not your children because of poverty - We provide sustenance for you and for them; come not near to Al-Fawahish (shameful sins, illegal sexual intercourse, etc.) whether committed openly or secretly, and kill not anyone whom Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause (according to Islamic law). This He has commanded you that you may understand.
Sura/chapter 6. Al-An'aam ayat/verse no.151

For further reading and better understanding of this verse and the whole Quran head on over to http://abdurrahman.org/qurantafseer/ibnkathir/



At 11 October 2012 at 13:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jazakillahu kahyran Asma. To be honest this surah i hardly read. So thank you for reminding me to go to chapters i tend to read only during Ramadan or so.

Out of the longer surah's, Ma'idah and Maryam are favorite's of mine. Last year a sister went through the tafsir of surah Maryam regarding the character of Maryam, radi Allah anha and it had us crying. It was so beautiful.

At 11 October 2012 at 17:26 , Blogger Aiza said...

Thank you sister for posting this! You reminded of my personal copy of Quran lying unused in my cupboard. In shaa Allah I'm going to start reading Quran again. It is harder than it sounds but yes!

At 12 October 2012 at 18:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jazakallahu Kahir sister, it's always nice to be reminded of the Quran.

At 14 October 2012 at 10:20 , Blogger Unknown said...

Salam Alaikum sisters

MashaAllah thank you all for the nice comments

At 16 October 2012 at 15:56 , Blogger The Muslimah Corner said...

MashaAllah :-) beautiful post. Jazakallah khair for sharing !

At 21 October 2012 at 15:56 , Blogger Salihah said...

Alhamdulillah. Abdurrahman.org has a lot of good advice. Thank you for sharing!


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