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Vegetable Pasties For Lunch

As-Salamu Alaikum / Greetings dear reader,

I'd like to share what I made for lunch one day last week, vegetable pasties!

Pasty: a baked pastry usually made by placing a cooked or uncooked filling typically of meat and vegetables, without meat in vegetarian versions, on a flat pastry circle and folding it to wrap the filling, crimping the edge to form a seal. After baking, the result is a raised semi-circular pasty.
The most famous pasty being the Cornish Pasty - a meat and vegetable filled pasty from Cornwall, England.

I first saw the recipe for vegetable pasties over on the blog Muslimah in Solace masha'Allah i instantly knew they were something I needed to make and I wasn't disappointed, Alhamdulillah they are delicious especially because of the addition of spice! I hope you too enjoy and bake them sometime soon in sha Allah i think they could be good for a kids packed lunch if they like eating vegetables that is and don't forget you can fill these with meat too! also pasties are easy to freeze once cooled or store in the fridge and keep for a good 2 days.

A few things to note are:-

I halved the recipe and ended up with 8 small pasties as I used a toddler size bowl as a circular template for cutting out the pastry but if you prefer, you can make 5/6 regular ones using a regular bowl just i have this obsession with making things smaller in order to convince myself i can have more.

I used plain flour not strong bread flour and used a lot less water (like 35ml not 250ml which would be half the original recipe called for) than stated in the recipe so just eyeball it, add water slowly and mix with a butter knife once it starts coming together stop adding water and switch to bringing the dough together with your hand(s)

I added small cubes of cheese to each pasty filling (not in the original recipe) before baking, it spilt out of any little cracks or holes it could find and made the pastry a little softer than I would have liked but then again I love the flavour of cheese so i will still be using it when i make these again.

For the full recipe click here

I served some of the pasties with this salad, i think you would be surprised if i told you salad is one of my favourite meals!? yeh i consider it a meal : )  i like how quickly you can put one together and how satisfying they are.

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At 19 April 2013 at 17:23 , Blogger Aiza said...

I first heard about pasties from my cousin in the uk. I heard you people add something called rutagaba or whatever to the filling?

At 21 April 2013 at 13:52 , Blogger Unknown said...

Salaamu aleikoum sis Asmaa, Looks really nice alternative to the usual meat ones! Enchallah I'll try it! ;)

At 21 April 2013 at 15:11 , Blogger Unknown said...

Salam alaykum aiza,

Yes we call it swede :)

At 21 April 2013 at 15:14 , Blogger Unknown said...

Wa alaikum salam sis Henia, in sha Allah sister you will like them.


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