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Raspberry Ripple Mascarpone Buttercream Icing

Home baking is so forgiving of the nonidentical froster in you!

This icing came about as my husband likes soft, creamy not too sweet frosting's on cupcakes (he's slowly being converted into a sweet tooth inshaAllah/God willing)
I on the other hand rather like sweet, firmer icings that hold their shape when piped, don't worry that is just the beginning of how my marriage is a case of opposites attract! Anyway, back to cakery business.

This frosting would firm up a little in the fridge either before or after being piped onto your favourite cupcake (i used a orange zested cupcake later filled with raspberry coulis) So, then all is not lost for me and all my fellow rock hard (OK I'm going too far) icing fans and if like me you have been known to stuff cupcakes in the freezer for a later date, things could only get better because if your anything like me, you can't even wait for the sun's rays to penetrate what would be a fluffy, creamy dream boat cupcake, you take a spoon and just get at it!

OK time for prayer then bed

Makes: enough frosting for 11-12(yes that small of a margin) cupcakes

75g Mascarpone cheese, softened
50g unsalted butter, softened ( i used unsalted spreadable lurpak because dh 'forgot'(there was a deal at the supermarket) to get me the real McCoy
250grams+ icing sugar (depends how sweet you prefer yours)
approximately 5tablespoon raspberry coulis, divided (I made my own by blending a 225g then pushing through a fine sieve to remove the seeds which was more than enough to fill 11cupcakes and for the frosting)

You will need
A piping bag
Pastry or paint brush
Round icing tip

Beat Mascarpone and butter together until it is well blended, about a minute in a stand mixer, slowly add the icing sugar until your desired sweetness is achieved, add a tablespoon of coulis to achieve a pale pink coloured frosting. (optional)
Place icing tip inside piping bag, fold down the piping bag as if you were about to fill with frosting but instead paint the inside of the bag with your raspberry coulis then add your frosting, twist the bag so you don't get frosting shooting out when you start decorating your cupcakes and your ready to go ripple it up!
I admit a picture of painting the icing bag would be very useful, i hope my written notes will be good enough for even one of you to try this at home, maybe this Ramadan?

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At 7 July 2012 at 17:22 , Blogger Amna said...

They look so cute :*


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